In the context of COVID-19, numerous organisations have produced policy trackers and datasets to allow policy-makers and researchers to follow and evaluate policy changes across the world. To address information overload, this project has created a Supertracker that gives immediate access to existing policy trackers, novel datasets and surveys. The tool allows users to search and identify relevant information resources across policy areas, countries and data types. Through direct engagement with providers and users of policy trackers, the project also helps to propose concrete actions to solve information gaps in existing policy trackers and create synergies between them.

The Oxford Supertracker was founded by Lukas Lehner, who co-directs the initiative with Bernhard Ebbinghaus at the Department of Social Policy and Intervention at the University of Oxford. The section on surveys is edited by Elias Naumann at the University of Mannheim. Kun Lee contributes to the policy trackers collection and Maximilian Trenkmann provides technical support. We are grateful to our previous team members Marek Naczyk (PI in 2020), Mary Daly, and Tim Vlandas. The project has received funding by the Economic, Social, Cultural & Environmental Impacts of COVID-19: Urgent Response Fund funded by the Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF), the Oxford ESRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA), and the Higher Studies Trust Fund. The collection includes policy trackers and surveys covering the first two years of the pandemic. The time coverage is updated until the end of 2021.

The Oxford Supertracker builds on the tracker of trackers - compiled since March 2020 by Lukas Lehner. What originally started as a Twitter Thread rapidly grew into a collection of over 100 novel sources. It is based on a collaborative effort with suggestions from @B_Ebbinghaus, @timvlandas, @AliBargu, @ertugrul_polat_, @roosa_jolkkonen, @MoreiraAmilcar, @FrancescaAliaB, @FNoeth, @PhoebeIshak, @OstermeierMa, @BisciariP, @LuMesserschmidt, @jimmy810920, @perezludena, @olgaloblova, @LTCcovid, @Luckinger, @KnowsOnions, @SebDiessner, Grant Mills, @AnToniPichler, @Anne_Parth, @O_LJ, @PeterSWyckoff, @JoachimGassen, @ToddOfMess, @leecrawfurd, @tozCSS, @jwkritchie @juliascanney, @AllbriteAllday @AltPrimate, @econ_hmg, @hmryder, @TimGoedeme, @Covid_Africa, @elinaribakova, @JuliaGruebler, @TobyMPhillips, @shelter_live, @ashamin, Seth Schimmel, @AsjadNaqvi, @jsvine, @zehrarizvi Karel Mertens, @_CatJones_, @JuliaRaifman, Phoebe Dunn, @kbbolch, @LiviaFritz, and @KonstPoensgen.

Citation: Daly, M., B. Ebbinghaus, L. Lehner, M. Naczyk, and T. Vlandas (2020). Oxford Supertracker: The Global Directory for COVID Policy Trackers and Surveys, Department of Social Policy and Intervention.

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