Oxford Supertracker

The Oxford Supertracker is a global directory of over several hundred policy trackers and surveys related to COVID-19. This novel collection is designed to assist researchers and policy-makers in keeping track of a rapidly growing number of data sources. You can search and identify relevant information resources, such as datasets, surveys, and systematic collections, across different areas, countries and data types.

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The Oxford Supertracker is a collaborative effort. We are interested in making the collection as comprehensive and accessible as possible. Over 50 researchers have already contributed to the growing collection. If you maintain or know of an additional dataset, please submit a new source. We will promptly review it in line with our criteria for inclusion and update the collection.


The appearance of many new information resources on COVID-19 creates opportunities and challenges for research and policy analysis. We regularly discuss these in our blog series and published our analysis in a policy brief that addresses opportunities, challenges and solutions to existing policy tracking initiatives. Please contact us in case you would like to contribute to the debate.

We are also partnering up with the producers and users of existing data sources on social policies in the wake of the pandemic to identify remaining information gaps and potential synergies, and to propose concrete actions to address these. We have held a webinar discussion with producers to share knowledge and experiences. You can find more information on the Supertracker project on the website of the Department of Social Policy and Intervention at the University of Oxford.

Impact and Media

Within a few weeks, thousands of researchers from over 120 countries around the globe have visited our initial website making use of the directory and contributing to the growing number of entries. Nature has covered the background story of the project in its Career Column.

We are working with authors of policy trackers to propose concrete actions to solve information gaps in existing policy trackers and create synergies between them. At the same time, their feedback has informed the creation of the Supertracker. For more information, please see the press release about the Oxford Supertracker.

“The Supertracker offers a rich, accessible and diversified repository of COVID-related policy trackers — an essential data platform for policymakers, practitioners and researchers engaged in better understanding and quantifying responses to and implications of the pandemic.”

Ugo Gentilini, Global lead for social assistance, World Bank

“The Supertracker is a rich repository of different to COVID-related policy trackers, immensely useful to policymakers and researchers and beyond, who wish to better understand the implications of COVID.”

Ian Orton, Social Protection Policy Officer, International Labour Organization

“The team behind the Oxford Supertracker have done an impressive job in assembling the rapidly growing data on countries’ COVID responses and in making them readily available and easily searchable. This is an enormous service to the research and policy community, including many colleagues here at the OECD.”

Sebastian Königs and Andrea Garnero, Economists, OECD


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