The Oxford Supertracker includes policy trackers and surveys related to COVID-19. The compilation is not meant to be exhaustive and we are grateful for additional suggestions.

The policy tracker directory is structured around the policy areas of:

Health implications

  1. Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions
  2. Health and Care Policy
  3. Behavioural Responses and Mobility
  4. Cases and Deaths

Economic and social implications

  1. Macroeconomic and Financial Policy
  2. Social and Employment Policy
  3. Tax Policy
  4. Trade Policy and FDI
  5. Education Policy
  6. Research and Innovation
  7. Regions and Cities
  8. Gender
  9. Environmental Policy

Political implications

  1. Politics, Elections, Policy Making
  2. Media
  3. Civic Freedom and Human Rights
  4. War, Peace and Civil Unrest
  5. Prisons, Courts and Judiciary Systems
  6. International Development, Philantropy

The survey directory is structured around the sampling method:

  1. probability sampling
  2. probability sampling (from Facebook users)
  3. quota sampling (from opt-in panels)
  4. snowball sampling